2019 Hebden Bursary Recipient

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It is our pleasure to announce that the 2019 Hebden Bursary recipient is Olivia Skillings of Parkland Secondary School in Saanich BC.

Olivia intends to pursue the study of chemistry at Camosun College, where she will take one year of prerequisites followed by a four-year program to accomplish a Bachelor of Dental Hygiene. In a letter of recommendation, Olivia’s teacher, Stacy Frith, has said, “This career choice is well suited to Olivia’s calm, caring nature.” Stacy goes on to say that she is “confident she (Olivia) will make a positive contribution to her community in the years ahead.”

Olivia has been able to obtain a high academic standing while contributing her time to her community. She has become the youngest-ever peer mentor for the Big Brothers and Sisters’ Go Girls Program. Olivia is a tremendously hard-working student.

Western Campus appreciates all applicants of the Hebden Bursary. We would like to graciously thank every one of the students and teachers who took the time to apply. While we read many applications of well-deserving individuals, there can only be one recipient.

The Jim Hebden Bursary is a $1000 award given annually by Western Campus Resources, the exclusive distributor of Jim Hebden’s best-selling Chemistry Workbooks. The Hebden Bursary is awarded to a graduating student who demonstrated an above-average proficiency in chemisty, distinguished themselves in their community, and has potential to excel in the study of chemistry at the post-secondary level. Mr. Hebden is a former BC Science Teacher of the Year who taught chemistry for three decades in Kamloops, BC.

For more information regarding the Hebden Chemistry Bursary, please contact us, or visit the Hebden Chemistry page on our website.