Parenting in Canada Student Text

by Cunningham

Parenting in Canada is the premier Canadian resource for Parenting and Human Development courses! This text captures and conveys the underlying themes that are common within each of these senior secondary courses. To accommodate the wide range of students and their level of interest and ability, a variety of features are built into the content framework to allow for flexibility in multiple learning styles. Key Features: Written with a Canadian focus using domestic statistics, case studies, resources, and references Each of the six units organizes the content and addresses the specific expectations of the courses that frame the text Provides opportunities for students to study child behaviour and child development in the context of relationships with parents and others in the community Focuses on skills and knowledge needed to promote the positive and healthy nurturing of children; emphasizes the critical importance of the early years in human development Prepares students for occupational options related to child care Emphasizes the knowledge and skills required for tasks students will face as they prepare for parenting and/or working with children

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ISBN ISBN 13 9780176201968
ISBN 10 0176201963
Edition 1
Publisher NELSO
Published Date 05/03
Page Count 500
Language en