Student's Oxford Canadian Dictionary HC

by Barber, Katherine

Based on the award-winning, best-selling Canadian Oxford Dictionary, the Student's Oxford Canadian Dictionary has been edited to meet the needs of students. With 185,000 words, phrases, and definitions, it features over 1,500 uniquely Canadian words and senses. Each of these entries is exceptionally reliable, utilizing the research conducted to compile The Canadian Oxford Dictionary, for which five professionally trained lexicographers spent five years examining databases containing over 20 million words of Canadian text from more than 8,000 Canadian sources of astonishing diversity. Over 800 usage boxes offer straightforward explanations on common problems like spelling, grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, confusable words, and other difficulties a student might encounter. Pronunications have been written in a simplified easy-to-use sound-out system, and over 26,000 illustrative examples provide extra guidance by offering additional context. Definitions have been rewrittenfor ease of comprehension, and vocabulary that relates directly to the curriculum has been provided. Using The Canadian Oxford Dictionary's continually updated databases, the Student's Oxford Canadian Dictionary is completely up to date and includes new words such as "cybersquatter" and "Canadian Alliance Party". Providing all the authority of The Canadian Oxford Dictionary in a user-friendly student's edition, the Student's Oxford Canadian Dictionary sets a new standard of excellence for Canadian student resources.

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ISBN ISBN 13 9780195420760
ISBN 10 0195420764
Edition HC
Publisher OUP
Published Date 05/04
Page Count 1262
Language en