Art Works

by Markus

This resource is the first Canadian visual arts textbook in over 20 years. It focuses on the issues, ideas, and themes that inform the art world today. Students uncover trends, patterns, and approaches in art; understand connections, relationships, and causes and effects in art; and learn to recognize the factors that maintain, or change, the world of art. This resource is organized in a handbook-like format. Each topic is presented in discrete spreads of 10-14 pages to allow for easy reference and manageable, in-class reading. Topics are complemented by colourful, well-reproduced images of both professional and student artwork. Special emphasis is given to artwork by Canadian and contemporary artists.

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More Information

ISBN ISBN 13 9781552393208
ISBN 10 1552393208
Publisher EMOND
Published Date 01/11
Page Count 282
Language en