Many BC science teachers were students when they first used Hebden Chemistry Student Workbooks.

It’s not surprising that they recommend the same books to their students.

Jim Hebden thinks teaching chemistry should be as easy as taking it, so he provides FREE teachers’ materials:

  • Free Teachers’ Guides for both Grades 11 & 12
  • Notes on Enriching the Teaching of Chemistry
  • General chemistry resources
  • Chemistry Labs

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Read Me First.A teacher’s guide

Grade 8 to 10 Chem

Chem 11 Topic Comparison

Chem 12 Topic Comparison

Addendum.Colligative Properties

Addendum. Colligative.Answers

Addendum.Functional Groups.Revised

Addendum.Functional Groups.Revised.Answers

Addendum.Gas Laws

Addendum.Gas Laws.Answers

Addendum.Graphing Data

Addendum.Graphing Data.Answers

Addendum.Lewis Acids and Bases

Addendum.Lewis Acids and Bases. Answers


Addendum. Solubility. Answers

Addendum.Uncertainty of Derived Units

Addendum.Uncertainty of Derived Units. Answers

Addendum.VSEPR Theory

Addendum.Answers to VSEPR Theory

The Jim Hebden Chemistry Bursary will be awarded to a student who has performed service for his/her school and/or community while maintaining the grades in science that are necessary for success in post-secondary education. The $500 bursary, to be used for post-secondary studies, is presented annually by Western Campus Resources, the exclusive distributor of the best-selling Hebden Chemistry Workbooks 11 & 12.

Hebden 2018 Bursary notice re applications

Jim Hebden 2018 Chemistry Bursary Application Guidelines

The Jim Hebden Chemistry Application Checklist 2018

The 2017 Hebden Chemistry Bursary Recipient

As in past years, Western Campus Resources received many applications for the Dr. James Hebden Chemistry Bursary. We thank all the students who submitted applications and commend them for their service to their communities. We extend our appreciation and thanks to the teachers who selflessly give their time to write letters of support for their students. Unfortunately, while many winners apply, there can only be one recipient.

Jim Hebden and Western Campus Resources are pleased to award the 2017 Hebden Chemistry Bursary to Dana Harlos of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in North Vancouver. Ms. Harlos will commence studies toward a chemical engineering degree at the University of British Columbia in September. She hopes to use what she learns at UBC to purify drinking water.

Ms. Harlos is a multi-talented woman. She is a provincial-class wrestler, co-president of her school’s student council and has a 91% GPA. Her sponsoring teacher, Ms. Joanne Treacy, says that “during my 16-year career, I have taught many students who were smart, athletic and [who were] leaders, but Dana stands out…because she is ALL of these.”

The Hebden Chemistry Bursary is awarded annually to a graduating student who demonstrated an above-average proficiency in chemistry, distinguished her or himself serving her or his community and has the potential to succeed in the study of chemistry at a post-secondary level.