If your school is like most, there are surplus texts in your bookroom.

The timely sale of these unneeded titles is as important to balancing your school’s book budget as careful buying.

But supply and demand affect the values of used books, and prices often fall without warning. Next month, next term or next year, all you might get for your surplus books is a bill for cartage to the recycler.

Before that happens, send Western Campus Resources a list of your surplus textbooks. We’ll buy or consign the textbooks we think we can sell. We’ll also arrange and pay for the shipment of the books to our facility.

You’ll get a cheque or credit note* (your choice) that you can use to purchase the books you need to teach.

Send us a list of your surplus textbooks. Be sure to include the title, ISBN, approximate quantity and general condition. As well, please remember to include your name, school and contact info.

You may send your list to info@WesternCampus.ca or fax it to 1-877-977-4539, or simply complete the handy form below.

* Receive an extra 5% when you choose a credit note

Do you have surplus books? If you have surplus books you wish to sell, please list the books in the fields below and we will contact you once we have reviewed.

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